For Purpose Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Finance Leaders

Network Meetings

Network Meetings 2017

Thursday 23rd November 2017, 2:30pm – 5pm + year-end network drinks & nibbles 5-6.30pm

  • Keynote Speaker – David Crosbie, CEO, Community Council for Australia
  • Panel Discussion; David Crosbie will facilitate

The Impact on NFP’s and Charities (financial and social) of government attempts to change DGR status on Advocacy activities

  • Krystian Seibert, Advocacy & Insight Manager, Philanthropy Australia
  • Elizabeth Lucas, Partner, Tax, Grant Thornton
  • Cheryl Pultz, Director of Fundraising, Australian Conservation Foundation

Thursday 31st August 7.30am to 10am + breakfast bites

  • Cost Effectiveness & Digital Disruption enabling & reducing NFP Operational costs:
    • WePloy – delivering cost reductions through digital disruption to agency recruitment
    • FairGo –  using collaborative market power to go in to bat for the NFP sector on electricity

    • Dog & Bone –  maximising your ICT and telecommunications budgets

Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 2pm – 5pm + drinks & nibbles

  • Keynote Speaker – Alex Malley, CEO, CPA Australia
  • Panel Discussion; Digital Disruption in the Finance Sector – including
    • Craig Winkler – MYOB start-up and XERO
    • Kate Fazio, Manager of Digital Innovation Strategies, Justice Connect

Wednesday 22nd February 2017, 2:30pm – 5pm + drinks & nibbles

  • Protecting your financial and personal information; Current issues in Cyber & Data Security – Grant Thornton
  • What is ‘Personal’ information’ – The Privacy legislation – NFP Law
  • The Fundraising compliance tangle – NFP & ACNC
  • The ACNC in 2017

Thursday 23rd November 2017, 2:30pm – 5pm + drinks & nibbles

Network Meetings 2016

Wednesday 24th February 2016, 2pm to 5pm (included network drinks to 7pm)

  • Wendy Lewis (Colliers Charitable Trust and the Invagowrie Foundation) – How the philanthropy landscape is changing
    Budgets, acquittals and cost allocations for grants (break out session)
  • HAYS market update – supply, demand and trends in the market
  • Dr Peter Rennie (Leadership Australia) – Silos to Synergies; how to create collaborative cultures

Tuesday 24th May 2016, 2.30pm to 5 pm (included network drinks to 7pm)

  • Eric Passaris (Grant Thornton) – Accounting standard changes
    • ED 260 – Contributions/Deferred revenue & the impact on the NFP sector
    • ED 270 – Reporting Service Performance Information
  • Kristie Looney – a personal perspective on establishing a social enterprise for the Women’s Property Initiatives

Wednesday 31st August 2016, 7.30am to 9.30am (will include a breakfast for networking time)

  • Paul VAGO – the new follow the dollar laws
  • Stephen Carter – building a culture based on positive psychology
  • Matt Tinkler – UN Sustainability goals

Thursday 24th November 2016, 2pm to 5pm (includes network drinks after to 6.30pm)

  • Building Positive Workplace Cultures during Challenging Times; The Groundswell Project – Jessie Williams;
  • Recruiting for Finance Leaders; Ranstad Recruiting – Maidlin Webb
    The questions to ask, or be asked, and best answers, attracting best candidates, etc
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals; Save The Children – Matt Tinkler

Meetings 2015

Wednesday 25th February 2015, 12pm to 3pm (includes light lunch)

  • Capital Budgeting and Management (Grant Thornton), Setting Reserves Priorities (Mercer Investments), Toastmasters

Tuesday 19 May 2015, 2.30pm to 5 pm (includes network drinks to 7pm)

  • Impacts of the Budget on NFPs, Legal issues effecting the For-Benefit sector, Intellectual Property

Wednesday 26 August 2015, 10am to 12.30pm (includes a light lunch)

  • A panel presentation, discussion and Q&A on Fraud; identification, mitigation, policy, risk.
  • And a personal story of dealing with mental illness in the workplace

Tuesday 10th November 2015, 2pm to 5pm (includes network drinks to 7pm)

  • Social impact investing and social enterprises – what a Finance Leader should consider
  • You’re a Finance Leader of a NFP placed in charge of HR – what do you need to know?
  • How to create collaborative cultures – from Silos to Synergies

Network Meetings 2014

Thursday 27 February, 2pm

  • Social Impact Reporting (SVA Consulting)

Tuesday 27 May, 2pm

  • Financial Reporting Update – Accounting and reporting issues for 2014 (Grant Thornton)
  • Networking drinks

Wednesday 27 August, 10am

  • Governance
  • Finance governance in For-benefit Organisations (ACNC)
    –  ACNC’s Governance expectations & best practice
    –  Case studies of poor governance
  • Obligations of directors and how finance leaders are expected to assist in meeting the obligations (Grant Thornton)
  • Light lunch

Thursday 20 November, 2.30pm

  • Business Cases – IT systems and Platforms (Grant Thornton)
  • HR Update
  • Networking Drinks

Network Meetings 2013

Wednesday 13 February

  • Incorporated Associations Reforms

Thursday 23 May

  • Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission

Thursday 22 August

  • NFP Sector Tax Update (Grant Thornton)

Wednesday 13 November

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • National Privacy Principles
  • Human Resources Update
  • Networking drinks


Grant Thornton support the network by helping to source presenters, providing refreshments and financial support for the meetings.